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デザインは一見Basicでありながら、綺麗な色、絶妙な配色、ニットならではのテキスタイルと細かな仕様と着心地の良さ、それらのこだわりを一枚一枚に凝縮しています。スタイリングのメインにもなり、名脇役にも。着ていて気持ちが良いから、気づけば moi-mêmeを手にしてしまう、そんなお客様の声が私の喜びです。



モワメーム デザイナー
畑 江里


I founded ‘moi-même’ as a brand since 2011, based on my desire to create women’s knitwear of the highest quality that is sophisticated, yet kawaii.

The design of each piece is kept basic and simple but focuses on the beauty of its bright happy colors, exquisite color schemes, delicate details and on its gentle and comfortable textures. Each piece can be the main part of the styling or act as an accessory to compliment it. It brings me great joy to hear the voices of customers expressing how they realize that they choose to continue wearing moi-même for its comfort.

Thanks to the smooth and gentle cashmeres of Italian yarn maker CARIAGGI, the soft and fluffy cashmeres of Japanese yarn maker FUKAKI, and the cooperation of our Japanese knit maker using outstanding technology, moi-même’s knitwear creations have been realized.

We hope that our journey will not stop here and we will keep thriving and evolving as a brand.

Eri Hata